PIMS Consulting has a proven record of engineering solutions that deliver safe, practical outcomes for clients to maximise production efficiency, optimise reserve recovery and minimise costs. The potential to achieve significant operational improvements and financial benefits has often first been identified by PIMS Consulting personnel, by drawing on their vast experience and knowledge gained from a variety of operational mine site positions.

PIMS Consulting works closely with coal mining companies to determine how reliable and sustainable solutions can be provided based on a sound engineering approach, and often take the lead in implementing those projects to deliver the desired objectives. Notable successes have been achieved on behalf of clients in areas such as primary and secondary support design, optimising tailgate standing support, ventilation design, and mine layout design.

PIMS Consulting provides technical expertise and project management for all levels of the mining process including concept, pre-feasibility/feasibility studies, design, engineering, construction and operational stages. Expertise and management is offered in a broad range of disciplines including:

 We welcome the opportunity to discuss, in confidence, the value that we can add to existing or proposed coal mining operations. If you require the skills and expertise that PIMS Consulting can offer, or would like to explore the potential for operational efficiencies that we have provided to other clients, please contact Mark Johnston.