Geotech & Geological Services

 Mine Layout and Pillar Design
PIMS Consulting has the ability to design pillars in a variety of geological and geotechnical environments for a range of mining methods such as longwall, bord and pillar, yield pillar, and pillar extraction. This allows pillars and mine layouts to be designed with confidence to provide optimum productivity and reserve recovery.

Roof Support Design
PIMS Consulting has proven ability in designing effective, efficient roof support for primary and secondary extractions, and for wide excavations. This includes the forensic investigation of strata-related production delays, and the development of solutions to prevent their recurrence. PIMS Consulting is licenced to use both ALTS (Analysis of Longwall Tailgate Serviceability) 2009 and ADFRS (Analysis and Design of Faceroad Roof Support) software, which are valuable empirically based tools that assist with the design of roof support layouts matched to the geotechnical conditions encountered.

Geotechnical Logging, Testing and Strata Classification
PIMS Consulting is experienced in conducting geotechnical logging and testing. Point Load Index, Slake Durability and Free Swell tests can be carried out in house, either in the field or at a PIMS Group facility. The logging and test data can then be analysed to classify the strata according to one or more of the popular rock classification systems such as Coal Mine Roof Rating (CMRR), Rock Mass Rating (RMR) and Barton’s Q System. PIMS Consulting has particular experience and expertise in logging, testing and classifying floor strata in order to identify potential weak floor conditions. This is ideally done during the feasibility stage of a mining project.

Shaft and Inclined Drift Assessment and Design
The logging, testing and classification of a full length geotechnical hole at a shaft location enables PIMS Consulting to assess the short and long term stability of a vertical shaft. Similarly, the logging, testing and classification of holes along the proposed line of a drift enables the determination of rock classes to be encountered during drift development, and a suitable support design to be established for each rock class.

Strata Management Plans and Support Rules
PIMS Consulting geotechnical engineers are experienced in the preparation and auditing of Strata Hazard Management Plans, strata related standards, Mine Manager’s Support Rules, monitoring plans and strata related Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs).

Fault Zone Management / PUR Injection Design and Fault Consolidation
PIMS Consulting has experience in assisting longwall operators to negotiate fault zones. This includes the design of fault consolidation using PUR or microfine grouts where this is necessary. PIMS Consulting geologists can provide on-site assistance by preparing flight plans and helping longwall crews maintain the desired horizon.