Realtime Strata Monitoring

Effective ground control is the key to improved safety and
high productivity in underground mining


Real Time Strata Monitoring, is a software product which provides a realtime roof convergence monitoring and alert system to allow early detection of roof movement and effective response solutions.  

Early detection of strata instability


  • Ground/ strata instability is a principle mining hazard
  • 24% of mining fatalities related to falls of roofs/ sides/ highwalls


Geotechnical Objective: Optimum Ground Control Program


  • Reduce risk to workers and production
  • Meet production and cost targets
  • Maximise efficiency in design


RT Strata Monitoring Benefits


  • Reduced pressure on human resource
  • Increased strata displacement data quality and reliability
  • Early intervention to prevent strata instability, specifically in high risk areas:
    • Drift belt
    • Transport drift
    • Transport road
    • Fuel and workshop bays
    • Transfer points
    • Driveheads
  • Ability to demonstrate reduced risk to insurance providers
  • Access to offsite assessment by expert Geotechnical Engineers