Course: Standard 11 UG Induction


RIIERR203D Escape from hazardous situations unaided

Course Content

This course covers the hierarchy of legislation and other procedures that apply in an UG coal mine - including UG terminology, pre-shift processes, UG notification & reporting requirements, interpreting mine plans, UG communication procedures, UG work processes, gas & ventilation management, strata support, UG emergency management, and other task-specific requirements in place at UG coal mines, so that personnel can conduct their work in a safe, effective & productive manner...


1 day (plus 2 days for surface component) plus verification of workplace activities


$750 for UG & surface induction


No formal pre-requisites. Low level of literacy, numeracy & writing skills (sufficient for reading plans/signs, communicating with co-workers, & filling out SLAMS/checdklists)


Full training/assessment (refresher/RPL also available)

Target Audience

Aimed at personnel working or planning to work in underground Queensland Coal Mines regardless of their role, employer or site.

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